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Leelanau County Board of Commissioners
Rural Broadband Inventory


Physical survey of nearly 23,000 homes and businesses across all of Leelanau Counties eleven survey townships, including several villages and communities, which are mostly or entirely rural.  The survey identified more than 5000 occupied parcels (almost entirely residential), without access to reliable high speed internet as defined by the FCC as having 25 Mb/s minimum download speeds, and 3 Mb/s upload speeds.

The study included the following: 

  • Served/Unserved Audit of every Parcel

  • Inventory of all cabled technologies including DSL

  • County Wide Unlicensed Wireless Technologies Assessment

  • Cellular provider signal level survey measuring more than 100,000 data points

  • Consolidated database into ArcGIS for used by the County for future ISP coordination and planning

Click on the cover page  to view the entire report

Leelanau Cover.PNG
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