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Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners
Washtenaw County Broadband Task Force

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Physical survey of nearly 31,000 homes and businesses across 15 of Washtenaw Counties twenty survey townships, which are mostly or entirely rural.  The survey identified more than 8000 occupied parcels (almost entirely residential), without access to reliable high speed internet as defined by the FCC as having 25 Mb/s minimum download speeds, and 3 Mb/s upload speeds.

The study included the following:    

  • Served/Unserved Audit of every Parcel

  • Defined Proposed Funded Service Areas (PFSA)

  • County Wide Unlicensed Wireless Technologies Assessment

  • Pre-Engineering Fiber Optic Network routing and design

  • Construction Budget Forecast by Township

Click on the cover to view the whole report

Study Cover Thumbnail_edited.jpg
County Wide Served Med Res GS_edited.png

Fill in the Gaps

County Wide Served Med Res GS_edited.png

The image on the right is Washtenaw County showing the survey results of the 15 townships.  Due to the efforts of the Washtenaw County Broadband Task Force, and sponsorship from the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners, efforts are underway to bring Broadband Internet to all unserved areas by 2025. The goal is for Washtenaw County to be the first in the state to serve 100% of their residents and businesses with access to true high speed Broadband Internet.  

If you want to see a current and more detailed map, and maybe track their progress, check out the link below.


Do you want to check out Washtenaw County's current interactive GIS map? 


Three Steps ----


1. Click on this link

2. Accept the terms at the bottom of the page, which will route you to their live site. 

3. Click on "Tools" in the upper left corner, then "Layer List" right below the tools button.  Check the box for "Broadband Access" in the list below.  


Click on the map to zoom in

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