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Accurate Broadband Mapping for Rural Areas Served/Unserved by Parcel

Doing Homework

Rural Broadband 

Having precise and trusted data about where high-speed Broadband Internet really exists, helps you make better informed business decisions when planning on how you get Broadband to all of your Rural Areas. DCS Technology Design has developed the most precise mapping system in the industry, helping to take the mystery out of that process.  


Outside Plant


Outside Plant, or OSP, is what we have been doing the longest.  Whether it is a private customer owned network on a campus, or city, county or regional networks built in public right of ways or easements, we've designed and built all types.  CATV, Telephone, all types of fiber optic networking architectures including FTTx, we can provide the feasibility studies, network design, permitting drawings and applications, construction documents and management. It can be a useful add-on to our Rural Broadband study work.  Our staff is OSP certified by BICSI, and has thousands of miles of examples we love to talk about.  

Outside Plant, or OSP is everything copper, fiber or wireless ICT that is built to connect our world.  DCS Technology has the experience and credentials to address all requirements for OSP.  

Accurate Geographical Information Systems (GIS) maps of your service areas are critical to fiscally sound management.  Learn how DCS uses GIS for OSP

Building Copper and Fiber networks along, and crossing roadways, railroads, expressways, waterways and other areas often require some level of permitting.  DCS Technology can help.

DCS Technology Design provides Professional Services unique to the Telecommunications Industry. Check us out here. 


Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) standards are the foundation cabling practices for multiple intelligent building networks and applications. See more here.

DCS has provided conventional and Air Blown Fiber designs and managed installations for all types of applications. Learn more here.

DCS Technology Design provides Professional Services unique to the Telecommunications Industry. Check us out here. 

Intelligent Building Design

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In today’s built environment, typical communications technologies (Telephone, TV, CCTV, Access Control, etc.) have moved away from their traditional analog cabling systems to common IP based Digital Platforms. This means that pretty much all of these technologies can be supported in a shared structured cabled system type environment, more commonly known today as ICT. ICT, as a whole, has become the foundation communications platform for all types of facility planning and construction. 21st century technologies can no longer be viewed as individual and stand-alone communication systems. A true convergence has occurred, and no longer can a single technology provider, using traditional thinking, meet the complex design and integration requirements of this new unified and ubiquitous technology environment. This requires multi-disciplined teams of engineering and technical expertise across diverse fields of technology to develop true unified solutions. DCS Technology Design has the expertise and resources to design the networks that support all Intelligent and IoT building technologies.

Intelligent Building Design

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We don't like to shout, but thought you might like to see at least a few examples of the many amazing projects our people have managed or designed over the years. We have worked in most industries, including Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing, Military Training and Research, Intelligence Facilities, Commercial Data Centers, Pharmaceutical and Medical, Corrections Facilities, K-12/Higher Education and Municipalities, Transportation, Sports, Entertainment and Events, Cable Television, and have also contributed to and been featured in many Industry Publications, Best Practices, and Standards.

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Washtenaw County BoC &
Pre-Engineering Study
Washtenaw County, Michigan

With about 8000 homes across the county that did not have access to reliable high speed internet, the Task Force knew the public record of the service areas was not accurate, and needed a precise inventory of exactly where every one of the unserved areas were, down to the parcel level.  

Leelanau County Rural Broadband Inventory 
Leelanau County, Michigan

FCC Form 477 shows the majority of this county being served, reaching well beyond the  population areas concentrated mostly along the lake shores.  The reality is nearly 22% of the population, and well over 75% of the land area does not have access to High Speed Broadband.

GID Render 4x6.jpg
Command and General
Staff College
Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas

Attended by our highest ranking military personnel, and many US allied leaders,  DCS providing all Audio/Visual, Security, and three levels of secured networking in both the Lewis and Clark Center, and later in the Flint and Muir Classroom buildings. 

Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command
Center of Excellence
Oahu, Hawaii

Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) Forensic Identification Laboratory, one of the highest honors DCS Technology has ever had was providing the technology systems design for this incredible facility.   

Saudi Arabia
Intelligence Community
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

A design/build Tier 3 Data Center Design for the Saudi Arabian Intelligence Community, our team provided all physical layer design for networking, storage, AV, security, and building management systems.

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