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BEAD Progam - We Can Help

The State of Michigan has received over $1.55 billion in funding, ARE YOU READY to participate, apply, challenge, and plan for these resources? 


We help municipalities navigate the requirements as well as quarterback the complex business models of the ISPs. Let us help you be set up for success. 

Challenge Process

We have successfully challenged thousands of homes previously deemed ineligible or having inaccurate information about whether high speed connection was truly available. 

Grant Guidance

Planning, preparation and design are all important aspects to the state and federal grants. Let us help you hold your hand in this process. 


It's in our DNA to help. We can work to find a solution to your needs, whether its Field Mapping, Consulting, Guidance, or a combination... we want to help get our communities connected. 

Don't know where to start? We can help. Our goal is to help communities get connected in the most practical and feasible way. 

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